Frequently asked questions


Is Arrowtec Ltd registered with NAPIT or NICEIC?

Yes Arrowtec Ltd is registered with NAPIT which is a UKAS accredited business.

Are you Part P registered?

Yes, our work is compliant with all building regulations.

What are your prices?

Some guide prices can be found here.

What is an RCD?

An RCD is a Residual Current Device which will shut off the power in the event of an earth fault before the shock becomes lethal. These devices must be installed on all circuits in dwellings on new or modified installations.

What is an SPD?

An SPD is a Surge Protection Device which will protect your electronic devices and accessories from damage in the event of a surge on your electrical supply such as a lighting strike. We install these in all Consumer Unit upgrades to protect your entire property.

What is a Consumers Unit?

This is also known as a fusebox.

What is the fish smell coming from my electrical accessory?

If you notice a fishy smell coming from your electrical accessory – it is likely damaged and burning is occurring internally. Switch if off immediately and call us. One of our electricians will be able to attend and assess the situation.

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